Young people struggle when learning to work with formula calculations in high schools all over the world. Robert Brice, the founder of EquationLab, saw this problem first hand while teaching in a high school in Scotland. He saw how much time teachers spent providing extra support to students who needed more help with their calculations, and how young people, who had not become confident in their calculation skills, failed to fulfil their potential in maths and physics. This struggle also had impacts at home; parents were often frustrated in their attempts to find a successful way to help their child learn. The end result was that many of these young people avoided science or engineering based careers that might have been rewarding for them.

Robert saw that a new, digital way was needed to support students learning to work with formula calculations for the first time, and that teachers and parents needed a new resource which they could use to engage students in this important area. EquationLab grew from this initial idea.

Robert Brice

Founder of EquationLab, Robert was a physics teacher in Edinburgh for 17 years. Before this, he spent 7 years as a self employed energy/environmental consultant and 5 years with BP Solar in London and Sydney. Robert is a Chartered Teacher and has degrees in Physics and Environmental Management.

Building EquationLab has been achieved with the help and support of Dr Paul Golz of Worcester University, Alex Shaw, Ben Mallinson and Chris Hill.