At home or in school, transform the way you work with equations and get great results in physics and math.

EquationLab video shows how this cool math game app can be used by parents and teachers to boost learning and exam results in physics and math. Learn to calculate, learn algebra and rearranging equations and lots more.
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Master calculation skills in physics and math, carry out formula calculations quickly and accurately, create resources for documents and presentations.

The people who'll build our world tomorrow ... are the young people in school today!
Succeeding in math and physics opens doors to great adventures in engineering, science, biotech, IT, finance, energy, medicine ... if you’ve got the skills, the future is waiting for you.
EquationLab For Teachers
Enrich Learning, Increase Attainment

EquationLab reveals all the equation skills that students need to succeed in high school math and physics. EquationLab helps you create innovative learning experiences which will engage learners, build confidence and increase attainment.

Reduce Your Workload

Save time by producing equation resources for presentations and documents in a fraction of the time needed using Microsoft Equation or LaTeX. Calculation solutions can be exported to documents and presentations or shared with colleagues.

Teaching equation skills is an area which is often dominated by teacher led instruction and has few supporting resources other than textbooks. Students are more engaged, motivated and willing to learn with digital technology. As young people learn more, so their confidence and attainment increases. EquationLab is a ready made resource that lets you innovate in the classroom and enrich a wide range of learning experiences:

- Introducing new concepts, formula and calculation to classes

- Individual catch up

- Tutoring

- Peer to peer learning

- Group work

- Facilitated Q&A where students use the app at the whiteboard

- Problem solving sessions

- Exam and homework review


- Formative assessment, helping teachers clarify and respond to student needs

EquationLab can help engage students learning how to work with formula calculations for the first time, particularly those who are hard to reach or failing and who need a more stimulating learning environment.
Mum, Dad ... help your child succeed in Math and Physics

Helping your child become skilled and confident in calculations is a vital part of preparing for exams and a successful career.

EquationLab makes learning to calculate easier and more engaging which means your child can work at their own pace and get homework and exam revision completed. You can use EquationLab to check that calculations are completed correctly, even when you are unsure of how to do the calculations yourself.

When using EquationLab, as a parent you can be confident that your child is learning all the calculation skills needed for improved grades and exam success. This lets your child go back to school more able to fulfill their potential and face the challenges ahead.

Mother and daughter using EquationLab on an iPad to boost learning and get better grades in physics and math.
EquationLab ... how it works
How to use EquationLab in math and physics for fast and accurate calculations
Fast, intuitive, correct. EquationLab lets you do formula calculations quickly and easily, and reflects the calculation approach used in classrooms. Exam perfect answers provide a model for written work.
EquationLab's algebra tutor or algebra calculator helps you learn algebra and to rearrange equations in math and physics. Algebra is a vital skill to learn to succeed and get great results in high school physics and math.
Learn to rearrange equations with EquationLab's powerful (and amazing) algebra tutor. Choose algebra steps from a list of options or construct your own; you'll immediately see the result and quickly understand the best way to rearrange equations.
EquationLab contains rich information or story about each equation in math and physics so you can learn as you calculate.
Rich equation stories help you learn about each formula as you calculate.
EquationLab makes it fast and easy to create math and physics equation graphics for documents and presentations. EquationLab saves time for teachers by making this much faster than other equation editors.
In seconds, create formula and calculation graphics for documents and presentations.

Prefixes, decimal places, significant figures and scientific notation; adjust any of them in your input values or answers and see immediately what these calculation concepts really mean.

Enter values in your equation first and then rearrange. EquationLab supports math and physics teachers who wish to focus on this calculation approach.

EquationLab is packed with information vital to math and physics. Read about algebra, rearranging equations, prefixes, decimal places and answer accuracy. A data book contains loads of important constants.

See what equations are included in EquationLab's full equation set.

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