EquationLab lets everyone learn equation skills and solve formula based calculations accurately and easily. In high schools, poor equation skills can stop young people fulfilling their potential in maths and science. This can restrict the opportunities open to them and so limit their chances in life. These young people may grow to become adults with poor numeracy skills. In workplaces, calculation errors can have costly impacts. Our goal is to develop EquationLab so that it helps to solve this problem in schools and across a variety of workplaces.

Releasing EquationLab on iPad is the third step in EquationLab's evolution. Iteration 1 focused on mac and pc, iteration 2 on mobile. The vision has always been to help high school students learn to calculate, but as classroom technology and attitudes have changed over the last few years, identifying which device to focus on has been a moving target. It's now clear that for the forseeable future, iPads are going to continue to be one of the pre-eminent devices used worldwide for learning in schools and in the home. Consequently, our commitment is to listen to your feedback and continue to improve EquationLab on iPad to enrich learning in high schools in equation skills and calculation in maths and science.

Robert Brice

Founder of EquationLab, Robert has been a physics teacher in Edinburgh for the last 15 years. Before this, he spent 7 years as a self employed energy/environmental consultant and 5 years with BP Solar in London and Sydney. Robert is a Chartered Teacher and has degrees in Physics and Environmental Management.

Alex Shaw

Alex heads up EquationLab's ongoing software development and is MD of Glastonbridge Software. Alex is an experienced software engineer who, with his team, works on education and arts based software projects for a variety of clients.


Adapting EquationLab for iPad has been achieved with the additional support of Dr Paul Golz of Worcester University, Ben Mallinson and Chris Hill.

Videos by Gavin Bryce